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At Megan Porter Hair, you can take advantage of a variety of service options and find the right mix for your hair. You may like to talk about how you got started and share your professional journey.


Before you book your first appointment as a new client, come for a free consultation to discuss what you want to achieve and identify maintenance goals, budget, and the right services to match your needs.


Freshen up your hair colour with the right technique to achieve a blended, seamless look. Choose from traditional colours from Redken and vivid colours crafted by Joico.

Root Retouch


Apply colour your hair regrowth in 4 to 6 weeks since your last colour application.

Root Retouch + Length Refresh


Root retouch + freshen colour with toner to blend your length from root to end.

Gloss for Grey Blending


Enhance your natural grey colour with a toner to blend and soften your hair.



Add less saturated hair dye to natural or coloured hair to achieve a warmer, cooler, brighter, or darker look.

Extra 1oz of Colour


Extra colour may need to be mixed to ensure fluid colour for longer or thicker hair.


Highlights & Balayage

Foil highlights or balayage highlights are two techniques that use a lightener product to achieve a brighter, more natural, or more dimensional appearance. Find your new look or maintain your hair with lightener, toner and hair accessories from Framar.

Full Foil Highlights


Highlights applied to every section of your hair, both underneath and top portions of your hair.

Partial Foil Highlights


Highlights applied to the top half portion of hair to lighten hair.

Full Balayage


Freehand painting method of applying lightener to hair that does not start at the root to achieve a more lived-in, natural appearance. Typically done twice a year.

Balayage Touch-Up


Balayage upkeep less than four months from last balayage application.

Extra 1oz of Lightener


Extra lightener may need to be used to cover longer or thicker hair.

hair dresser applies foil highlights


Update your hair with a quick trim, change up style or length, or add bangs or an undercut.

Short Haircut


Medium to Long Haircut


Extra Long or Very Thick Haircut


Style Change


New Bangs




blonde woman getting a haircut


Each appointment includes a wash with shampoo and conditioner targeted towards your hair type, a head massage, and a blow dry with a round brush and Elchim hair dryer. You can also get your hair styled with a Chi hot tool for curling or straightening.

Wash and Blow Dry


Wash and Blow Dry + Curl/Flat Iron


Curled long hair with blonde highlights


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